Bath Remodel: Fixtures and Vendors


I don't recognize how each person designed their dream bathroom, previous to the advent of online-purchasing. I suggest I recognize it if you are a hedge-fund manager. Or a time-proportion wealthy person... But in case you are not? And you genuinely need to have money left over to shop for shampoo? The net is a paranormal area complete with treasure and discount bathroom furniture.

If you're new to our bathtub redecorate, you ought to read this submit first. It's ALL about how lots I LOVED the complete DIY aspect. And how EASY it turned into to design. And how tons FUN I had seeking to cram all my thoughts into a small and slender bathroom.

Here are my resources and vendors and critiques for the toilet furnishings I choose a Bathroom Faucets.

I am not able to be short on any topic... so this can no question be some distance longer than vital.

If the charge is listed as something crazy, I guarantee you I did now not pay that.

If it's best fairly crazy, I might also have paid that.

Tub Faucet

I CANNOT inform you how plenty I love this fixture. If I could have enough money to buy any other one to wear as a necklace, I totally could.

When I became purchasing, the great fee I may want to find turned into about $900 for the complete set.

Which? Um? What? No.

So to begin with, I tried to figure out how to buy/use JUST the flowery, porcelain dial element. I don't surely care about the internal, thermostatic hello-tech stuff. The real feature is irrelevant to me. The interior could be made from paper plates and tinfoil, and I'd be first-rate with it.

Be warned, with Kohler products to examine the first-rate print... I changed into sucked in, a couple of instances, thinking I'd determined a good buy, handiest to recognize that the description.

I ended up buying an open box on eBay... from a man who'd sold it at an estate auction, and couldn't guarantee that each one the portions had been there.

I also sold it out of doors of eBay, in my only illegal bathroom transaction... You can believe I was quite sure I'd simply bought a field of unusable crap; however it changed into FINE.

My final price for the whole dial/bathe head/bath tap/ internal stuff became $three hundred. Part of me thinks that's a good price. Especially for something you love and use regularly.

Another part of me thinks it's manner an excessive amount of. You can get a wonderfully first-class shower dial for a way less than that.

At the time, I informed myself it became pleasant, on account that we have been DIY-ing a lot of other stuff, including the medication cabinet- which if we sold whatever retail that was further massive and fancy, might have been distinctly highly-priced.

But now? I think it became simply layout insanity... wherein you spend too much time looking at different humans' luxurious lavatories... and also you start to suppose you cannot stay without a few unique element.

Sink Faucet

For all the toilet furniture, I selected polished chrome.

Allow me to be the dominant voice on the divisive issue of Polished Nickel vs. Polished Chrome... According to investigations conducted simplest in my own house, and simplest according to my very own flavor: Polished Chrome is better.

It is shinier.

I did a whole different tub in Polished Nickel, and am happier with the chrome.

I offered our Rohl tap at HomePerfect.Com Their online evaluations aren't encouraging, and that they don't consist of pix of their gadgets... however, my evaluation is that they had been awesome. I got the tap actually in a single day.

Their internet site does no longer have pics or descriptions, just the version quantity... and giving them my credit card was the leap of faith that goes against all not unusual experience and the whole thing absolutely everyone tells you about no longer trusting people on the net.

Surprisingly, in every case in which I could not honestly see a photo of what I turned into buying, I received it speedily, and in perfect condition. I consider this isn't always the case, but I guess with the aid of that point, the bath gods felt they had tortured me enough.

Water Shutoffs

In the beginning, ordered less expensive shutoffs from Vintage Tub and Bath. But after they came, I simply didn't like them...I ended up changing them for the Restoration Hardware Universal Traditional Water Supply Kit.

I didn't want to. Even at the time, I was aware it changed into sheer idiocy. I desired to be sensible and less insane. And to prevent having opinions on every last tiny detail.

But? That is who I am: a person with strong opinions about faucet handles that cross underneath your sink where you can not see them.

And? The complete lavatory was only a tide of madness... once it commenced coming in, there was no warding off it. Exemption after exemption just piled up, till it becomes much like, oh something-I am the Imelda Marcos of water shutoffs.


Paul campaigned for a vanity with a base cabinet-from both a practical perspective and rate attention. But I without a doubt love the smooth, spare look of a white porcelain sink in opposition to subway tile. Plus, it continues the cultured of an antique bath.

And since this is not a large lavatory, I think a base cabinet would have been overwhelming.

We considered a pedestal sink because the footprint would be even smaller. But I like the larger counter space on a console sink.

We also built a garage tower at the give up of the bathtub, delivered a transom window.

But now I am exhausted. Surely you're too. I had thought I might want to cram in the DIY aspects in a brief and informative detour... however on the way to must be any other put up.