Best Welding Helmets 2018: What to look for when vision is important.


Welding helmet imaginative and prescient is a topic that is regularly discussed among welders, regularly with heated debate over which welding helmet is 'the nice welding helmet.' So permit's check the factors that count in giving you the BEST welding viewing revel in. [Visit Us]

Sensors -

A common false impression is that the extra sensors, the higher. But what about the QUALITY of the arc sensors? There is not any factor having a couple of sensors if they can stumble on an arc.

The Speedglas 9100XXi and new Speedglas 9002NC welding lenses are constructed with TIG Sensor Technology (TST), giving you arc detection right down to an industry-main 1 amp.

Another crucial consideration is the 'placement' or 'position' of the welding arc sensors. While maximum welding helmet lenses have sensors located at the side of the car-darkening welding filter, the Speedglas 9100XXi Series Welding Helmets have the all-crucial center sensor for unique TIG welding.

Clarity -

Welding lens clarity is important at the same time as welding and may assist dramatically boom performance. A clearer view while putting in and improved accuracy when setting electrodes way a reduced need for grinding and transform.

Put virtually; you can see paintings faster while you can continually see! True-View era used in the 9100XXi and 9002NC auto-darkening filters gives welders a far clearer and greater practical view, assisting contours and edges seem in the greater shade.

Peripheral imaginative and prescient -

Peripheral imaginative and prescient is important whether you're working in a hectic environment, on a massive site or in a fabrication save. Eliminating 'tunnel vision' enables to identify formerly hidden external risks that may be gift while you weld.

The use of peripheral SideWindows with the Speedglas 9100XXi series of welding helmets gives you an improved discipline of vision through, coloration five lenses with traditional color thirteen UV protection.

Viewing area -

While the two previous points are perhaps extra vital, viewing location is any other thing which makes an excellent helmet. A larger viewing location permits you to peer extra of your welding setup and paintings environment, decreasing the want for head movement and minimizing neck strain.