Know About New Dewalt Adjustable Wrenches


This is the new Dewalt eight″ adjustable wrench, DWHT80267, one in every of several new adjustable wrenches the emblem could be popping out with.

Dewalt first got here out with adjustable wrenches some years ago, and that they're k. They're overbuilt for electricity and durability. However, this also makes them larger and heavier than competing wrenches.

These new fashions of Dewalt adjustable wrenches feature an I-beam layout, much like what you'll find on differently adjustable wrenches, to store weight. Visit Us:

Dewalt says shedding some weight offers the wrenches higher balance as compared to their authentic adjustable wrenches, and that the brand new wrenches will also have extra at ease handles.

It's no longer obvious in the product photo, but it seems like there is four engagement tooth, which might suggest extra jaw strength and resistance slop, wobble, and accidental adjustment.

There can be a variety of sizes, from four″ to 24″, inclusive of a spud wrench.


  • Precision jaws
  • Solid steel I-beam deal with
  • Laser-etched markings
  • Extra extensive jaw capability
  • Flared stop to help save you hand slipping
  • Extended jaw duration for introduced reach


This new design sure looks better. There aren't any weight specifications I ought to find, and so comparisons to older Dewalt wrenches and different manufacturers' designs won't be possible till the new wrench starts shipping.

I bought more than one Dewalt adjustable wrenches after they first got here out, but I can't recollect the last time I used them. I don't even recognize in which they are right now, something I don't regret the least. I'm sure I even have one or overview samples someplace too.

There was in no way anything special approximately them. Yes, they're sturdy, hard, and overbuilt. However, I can't recall the last time I broke an adjustable wrench.

To me, decreased slope, excessive precision, and cozy handles are most essential. Bulkier handles do nothing to make contributions to any of this.

One of those new 8″ wrenches would possibly find its manner to my toolbox, for instances, I would possibly want a heavy obligation adjustable wrench which could shrug off a few abuse quite simply.

If its manage is as lighter in weight and greater security as Dewalt claims, maybe it'll emerge as my pass-to, but that doesn't appear likely. I'm so enamored with my Channellock adjustable that it's nearly inconceivable for any wrench to be better.