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Want to make a large difference in a small lavatory? Hang a curved shower rod!

A curved bathe rod supposedly can give you 6 or 7 inches of more excellent space in a bath however it appears like even more than that. Our 1970s gold widespread fiberglass can sense claustrophobic at times, so it changed into time to give the curved shower rods a whirl.

The shower rod we got here with commands, of direction, but additionally with templates for hanging the brackets which have been notable! You have to get those stage so the curtain will stay closed.

Measure and tape the templates to the wall...sounds easy proper?!?! Well, maybe no longer. We couldn't measure primarily based on the rims of the wall because they were exceptional distances from the shower.

We measured from the ground and seemed to get one of a kind distances from the ground to the top of the shower. Finally, achievement - we measured from the ceiling to the top of the shower.

The templates were up, and we were geared up to drill (the directions will let you know what size drill bit to apply). I drilled the primary hollow...fulfillment. I drilled the second! I still have no idea what I hit - maybe a stud? Or maybe part of the shower unit?

Who is aware of... What I do understand is that the wall anchor that got here with the rod wouldn't pass all of the ways into the wall. So, I remeasured and moved the templates and were given equipped to drill once more.

The 2nd time changed into a success! The holes had been drilled, and the anchors were in so all that became left to do was mount one stop of the shower curtain rod to the wall.

At least with ours, the bracket changed into already attached to the rod, so the most important hassle changed into not smacking myself in the head with the shower curtain rod at the same time as attaching the bracket! (Not that I might realize from non-public revel in or

So anyway ;-) attach one stop of the rod, slide the opposite stop of the rod into the first component and mount the second bracket. Then just slide the ornamental caps over the mounting brackets, cling your curtain and... take a nice long shower because you're accomplished!

This task cost me nothing because the shower curtain rod turned into a Christmas present (and sure I am simply now getting it mounted lol) however they run approximately an awful lot charge at Target, Bed, Bath & Beyond.